¡Les damos la bienvenida a Saint John Catholic School (Escuela Católica de San Juan) a todas las familias de nuestra iglesia! Saint John School tiene una rica tradición de celebrar las diversas culturas de nuestra comunidad, y la participación de nuestros padres y alumnos de habla hispana enriquece a toda nuestra escuela. En todos los grados, desde el prescolar hasta octavo, los estudiantes reciben clases de español con la Señora Claudia Olea, que es de Santiago, Chile. Los invitamos a llamarnos al 785-843-9511 para hacer una cita con la directora Mrs. Pat Newton. Ella estaría contenta de darles un tour de la escuela. También pueden escribirle a la maestra de español, Sra. Claudia Olea olea@saint-johns.net, si tienen cualquier pregunta.

Upcoming Events
St. John School Benefit Auction

The beginning of school means auction planning is in full swing! Mark your calendars now for November 5 and plan to join us for this formal celebration of our school and parish community. Before then, please consider a donation to the auction. We rely on your generous donations to provide items to be auctioned.

Do you have a gift to share or access to tickets or vacation spots? Donations may be in the form of merchandise, certificates, sponsorships or cash. Perhaps you have a great auction idea? Let us know! All donations should be in the Auction Office by September 30!

Please contact the auction office or visit our website for more information:


Thank you for your support!
Meredith Lang, Nicole Sabatini, Amy Cast
Auction Chairs

Virtue of the Month: Respect

This month we are learning about the virtue of respect. Respect is the act of showing your friends, family, and God that you care for and love them. You speak to others using kind words and act in ways that show you care about other peoples’ feelings and needs. You admire the achievements of others and rejoice in your own abilities. By showing respect, we show we have love for ourselves, others, and all of God’s children.

“Above all, the teaching of the faith and assurance of Jesus’ love is the most important part of St. John School.

It is a privilege for us as staff to share our faith, pray, sing songs of praise, celebrate the liturgical seasons of the year, and attend school Mass with our students.

This is who we are.”

— Pat Newton, Principal