News & Events at St. John School

Last week, our entire school watched the convent move across the blacktop to its new home next to the parish center. It was an extraordinary experience for all of us. I was so excited that we were able to witness the event. The convent is an old home approximately 100 years old that served as a home or convent for the religious order Sisters of Charity. The sisters, or nuns, that lived there served as the teachers and principals for St. John for many years. Sr. Susan’s death two years ago ended their presence at St. John.

When the design for the new gym was created, the plan was to demolish the convent to make way for the construction until Mrs. Nicole Sabatini suggested preserving the house. Nicole is a trained Historical Architect and spoke up for preserving our school and parish history. Now her suggestion has come to fruition. It sits next to the parish center and soon the two houses will be joined to provide much needed room for the parish staff.

I love this school and I love that we respect and honor our history.
     –Pat Newton

St. John Book Fair

Online ordering is now open for the St. John Book Fair! The online fair offers a much wider selection of books and materials than we are able to display in the school, so be sure to check it out. Orders will be shipped to the school after the online sale closes on February 20.

For Korean Students

Guardian EDU., Inc. is our Exclusive endorsed Korean partner for St. John Catholic School. For more information, interested students, parents or agencies in Korea and other Asian countries should contact Peter Jeewan Jang, President of Guardian EDU. Mid-USA at or at USA Phone 913-226-2149 or at Korean Direct 070-7885-5222. They will handle prescreening and application processing to St. John School admission and act as students legal guardian while students are studying at St. John community.

February Virtue of the Month: Justice

This month we are learning about the virtue of justice. Justice is the act of doing things that are fair so there is a solution that benefits everyone around you. You speak out against bullying, cheating, and lying and are quick to include others who seem to be left out. You are a natural leader and are a positive influence on those around you to do the right thing and follow the rules.

“Above all, the teaching of the faith and assurance of Jesus’ love is the most important part of St. John School.

It is a privilege for us as staff to share our faith, pray, sing songs of praise, celebrate the liturgical seasons of the year, and attend school Mass with our students.

This is who we are.”

— Pat Newton, Principal