FlockNote Updates

Students AND parents, if you have not signed up for our email and text message service called Flocknote, please do so! The easiest way is to enter your contact info here:

Flocknote is designed specifically for use with churches, and your information is never shared with outside groups. You can learn more about Flocknote here: flocknote.com

You may also sign up using your phone by following the instructions below. In the fall, we will be utilizing this service for all three youth programs: High School, Middle School, and Confirmation Preparation. High School Parents, sign up for the “SJHS Parents” texts. Parents, here is how to get signed up:

  1. Get out your cell phone and text the letters SJHSTEXTS to the 5¬digit phone number 84576. SJHSTEXTS is all one word, no spaces. And make sure your autocorrector on your phone doesn’t mistakenly change the text!
  2. Once you send that in, Flocknote will send you back a confirmation message AND another message asking you to CLICK a link to give your name and email address, and join our groups. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can also just text back your email address instead of clicking the link.
  3. After you fill out the information and provide your email address, when you check your email, there will be a message from FLOCKNOTE explaining what to do next.

**Please note: each text user must be signed up using a DIFFERENT email address. So, for instance, if both Keith and I wanted to sign up for text message alerts from FLOCKNOTE, we would both have to register our personal email addresses as separate, otherwise, the fields will merge and only one person will receive the text.