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Syllabus for Public School CandidatesSyllabus for Catholic School Candidates


Hello and welcome to the Confirmation process at St. John the Evangelist!

Thank you for reading this packet in its entirety; we are humbled to share in the sacramental preparation of your teen! This will be the second year of our family centered Confirmation program and we are excited to partner with you to prepare your students for the sacrament of Confirmation.

Program Requirements

First, let’s get to some logistics. Confirmation preparation will be made up of multiple sessions throughout the year designed to prepare both your students and your family for the sacrament of Confirmation. Either a parent or a sponsor will be required to attend the sessions with the student candidates (see schedule for specifics). The dates for these sessions are listed below. We encourage you to use the schedule to plan out your year, as no absences will be allowed. The preparation process is very dependent on participation and engagement during the preparation sessions. We recognize that our teens are very involved and we encourage your students to be involved, but we ask that you put this commitment (getting confirmed) before those other commitments for the short time that we are together.

There are also two assignments to turn in that your student should work through with either you, the parent, or with their Confirmation sponsor to learn more about the Catholic faith. You will need both a Bible and a Catechism of the Catholic Church; if you need to borrow either of these texts please speak with Lois Mersmann ( and she can help you find them.

A team of eight adult volunteers will lead your students through a Confirmation curriculum guided by the Archdiocesan requirements, and produced by the Augustine Institute. This curriculum covers the basics of the Catholic faith (the Creed). Parents and sponsors will have an opportunity to recognize the importance of their presence in the lives of our candidates, learn about youth culture and how to support our teens in the culture, and grow in faith and love for Jesus and His Church.

In addition to the above requirements, it is important that you make it a priority to attend Mass on the weekends and be a part of learning and praying with your students. We are excited to share in this year of learning and fellowship with you. Please contact us with questions.


Okay, now for logistics. Explore the other links under the “Confirmation” tab above for more information.

Please contact us with questions and concerns: Lois Mersmann at