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Hundreds of Saint John parishioners volunteer every year giving thousands of hours of service for the benefit of both the parish family as well as the larger community. These volunteers enhance the celebration of Mass, better the greater community through social outreach programs, form current and future generations in the faith through religious education programs, sponsor adults entering the Church through RCIA program, and assist homebound parishioners by bringing to them the greatest gift of our Catholic faith, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Each of us has been afforded gifts and talents by our Creator and in our natural desire to grow closer to Him we offer these gifts back through the Church. Please prayerfully consider what you/your family may be able to give.

Parish Councils    Click for More Info

Parish councils include both the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council, which meet regularly throughout the year.

Liturgical Ministries    Click for More Info

Liturgical ministers assist with everything from altar serving and lectoring to distributing the Eucharist to the homebound and maintaining the beauty of the church.

Music Ministry    Click for More Info

We are blessed to have a variety of music to support and enrich the Masses and other services offered at St. John. We are always looking for more musicians; whether you like to sing or play any instrument, consider contacting us and joining the music ministry team!

Youth Ministry    Click for More Info

The youth ministry teams work with high school students, middle school students, and 8th graders preparing for Confirmation. If you feel called to work with our great students, we are always looking for new youth ministr team members!

Outreach Ministries    Click for More Info

St. John has (or partners with) many wonderful ministries that reach out to people in need in Lawrence and beyond. Whether you can donate time on one Saturday afternoon or you can volunteer on a regular basis, consider becoming a part of one or more of these ministries.

Family & Parish Life    Click for More Info

Do you like to cook? Have a green thumb? Or maybe you are the athletic type? Family & Parish Life ministries include the preparation of meals for funeral dinners, gardening on the campus grounds, and coaching/assisting with the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) athletics.

Parish Events   Click for More Info

Three of the biggest social events of the year for our parish are the Mexican Fiesta, Oktoberfest, and the St. John Auction. We rely on the generous efforts of great volunteers to help these events run smoothly and raise money for our parish. Whether you can prepare food, manage a ring toss game, or bus tables, your help is greatly appreciated!

St. John School    Click for More Info

The St. John School is one of the most notable ways we are able to minister to the children of our community, and we could not do it without the support of our many volunteers. Serving on the PTO, working a booth at the Carnival, and attending/serving at the Auction are all ways you can support this ministry of education…you don’t even have to be a school parent to help!

Parish Sponsored Organizations    Click for More Info

The Knights of Columbus, the Daughters of Isabella, and the Secular Franciscan Order are all groups sponsored by St. John that have at their core a sense of prayer, community and charity.