Art at St. John School

Ms. Jessica Dunn teaches art to preschool through eighth grade. The visual art education curriculum contains five major learning objectives:

I. Art Making

Students will learn about selected artists, art movements, and artistic processes and techniques associated within these areas of focus. Skills and craftsmanship are developed and honed as students mature.

II. Literacy in the Visual Arts

The visual arts has its own language and vocabulary in addition to its own set of visual thinking skills. Students will develop their own visual literacy as they analyze and interpret the world around them.

III. Making Connections through Studio Habits of Mind

Utilizing artistic habits of mind, students will apply and connect these areas of learning across many content disciplines.

IV. Community and Culture

Students will be actively engaged in building community relationships as learning extends beyond the classroom walls through interactions with museums, exhibitions, and local artists.

V. Art Appreciation, Advocacy, and Self Expression

Students will gain an appreciation for the visual arts as a means of self-expression and an essential aspect of everyday life.