Evening of Art & Adoration

March 8, 2017

Below is a schedule of events for Wednesday’s Evening of Art & Adoration at St. John. The song videos posted below are for your reference–we may play them in a different key or style. The key each song will be played in is listed in parentheses. Sheet music will be available to you soon. We will stick tight to the schedule!

Lights down. Come As You Are (in C), into Everlasting God (in C) which will be mashed-up with Forever Reign (in C). This leads into to first student-led Lenten reflection, during which we will softly play chords to Everlasting God. Once the reflection is over, we will end on a softly sung refrain of Everlasting God.

Mike’s first painting. We will start with a new song, Blood and Water (in G, music is coming for this one….), then go into a mash-up of
Revelation Song (in D) and I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light. If more time is needed, we will sing Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (in D).


Mike leaves the altar, and we will sing Rest (in F) with a simple guitar accompaniment, leading right into a piano intro to 10,000 Reasons (in F). We will sing the first two verses/refrains, then have the second student-led Lenten reflection as we play softly through the verse/refrain of 10,000 Reasons. Once the reflection is over, we will sing Verse 3 and refrain of 10,000 Reasons.


Mike’s second painting. We will start with the song, Come to the Altar (in G), and mash it up with part of Good, Good Father (in G). Following that we will play the song You Were on the Cross (in Dm). If we need more time, we can sing the first three verses of Forty Days and Forty Nights (in Dm).

Fr. Jeff gives a brief reflection on Eucharistic Adoration, as we prepare the altar.

We will start with a simple version of Forty Days and Forty Nights (in Dm), singing Verses 1 and 5 only (or 4 and 5, if we sang 1-3 in the previous section). This will lead directly into the drum intro for Hosanna (in F), during which the Fr. Jeff will process through the church with the Eucharist. We will then have a brief period of silence after the Eucharist is placed on the altar.


We will sing Oceans (in D), which will blend into Because He Lives (in C), which will then lead right into Down in Adoration Falling (in C). Then we will have the Benediction and sing the Divine Praises (in E), followed by Holy God, We Praise Your Name (in E). The end!