Event/Facility Reservation Directions

A written request is now required to add your event/reservation to the church calendar. To avoid scheduling errors, this form must be submitted to Ellen Sickinger in the church office for processing. A confirmed request will be returned to you to ensure that your event is recorded in the calendar and that your space is reserved. You can download/print Event/Facility Reservation form here:

Print and fill out the form, and then return it to the Simon Parish Center, 1229 Vermont Street. Alternatively, you can fill out the online Event/Facility Reservation form below. You will hear back from us once we are processing your request–please allow us some time to for this to happen! If you have further questions you can call the parish office at (785) 843-0109 or email Ellen Sickinger at esickinger@saint-johns.net.

Reservation Request Form

Group Name (if applicable):

Requested By:

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:

Purpose of Use:

Date Requested:

Start and End Times:

Space(s) Requested:

ChurchChurch Hall (Basement)KitchenSpace in Walk-in CoolerSpace in Walk-in FreezerSimon Parish Center1301 Vermont St. Other:

Refrigerator and freezer are not available until after 3:30 p.m., M‐F. If you have reserved space in the refrigerator and or freezer, you may not access those areas until the time indicated on your reservation form. Any outside deliveries must be made after the time you have indicated on your reservation form.

Rooms also may be reserved in the school building. For availability, call the school office at (785) 843‐9511.

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Please note: Reservation fees will apply. These fees are required by the archdiocese and cover insurance and maintenance costs. Fees will vary depending on location and length of use. We will contact you with more information once we receive your request. Thank you!