Pete Haack Portfolio

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Posters & Banners

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK BANNER — Banner for use in church and school to promote St. John School during Catholic Schools Week. (Responsible for layout, content, school photographs and graphics.)

EVENING OF ART AND ADORATION — Promotional poster for a performance painting event held at St. John Church. (Responsible for layout, content and graphics.)

ST. JOHN STEWARDSHIP POSTER — Our most recent Stewardship campaign poster, highlighting the variety of cultures and ministries that make up our united, vibrant parish. (Responsible for design, graphics, photography and some content.)

MODERN OUR FATHER — The St. John youth group’s interpretation of the Our Father, pieced together individual “modern translations” created by students. (Responsible for concept, content organization, design, graphics.)

BEST OF LAWRENCE POSTER — Bulletin cover showcasing St. John being voted the “Best Place to Worship” by Lawrence residents this year, for the second year in a row. (Responsible for design, graphics, content and photography.)

CHRIST RENEWS HIS PARISH — Poster to promote the upcoming CRHP retreats being offered at St. John. (Responsible for content, design and graphics.)

Print Publications

CATHOLICS ON THE HILL — Semiannual newsletter for the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center, mailed to alumni and donors. (Content provided, responsible for layout,editing and graphics.)

FAREWELL SR. MARCELLA — An interview with our beloved retiring Ursuline Sister, who served for many years as a teacher and office assistant. (Responsible for new interview content, layout and photography.)

St. John Parish Bulletin

ST. JOHN PARISH BULLETIN — A sample of our weekly parish bulletin. (Responsible for gathering content, photography, layout, graphics and editing.)


ST. JOHN CAFE — Logo for weekly “coffee and discussion of faith” program, designed for print on coffee mugs and other media, with the symbol of the eagle flying sunward.

ST. JOHN ON TAP — Logo designed for monthly “on tap” series at St. John, featuring the familiar waving wheat of Kansas.

ST. JOHN CAPITAL CAMPAIGN — Logo featuring the four aspects of stewardship at St. John, arrows pointing both directions representing our past and our future, and the Eucharist at the pinnacle.

“BEHOLD” T-SHIRT DESIGN — Designed for youth group summer programming (trip to the Rockies), with the theme of climbing the “seemingly impossible” mountains.

“TELEIOS” T-SHIRT DESIGN — Designed for youth group, with the theme of living intentionally here on earth so as to reach our ultimate goal of heaven.

“ENTER IN” T-SHIRT DESIGN — Designed for youth group yearly programming, with the theme of entering into a deeper relationship with Christ.


ST. LAWRENCE LENTEN APPEAL CARD — Designed to fit in an envelope to be mailed to financial supporters, showcasing the mission of “going to the fringes” to reach University students. (Responsible for concept, content, design, and photography.)

LENTEN APPEAL LETTER — Included with the previous Lenten Appeal Card, fitting the “to the fringes” theme. (Responsible for design and scripture layout.)

LENTEN APPEAL THANK YOU — Designed to be folded in half and sent as a “thank you” note to supporters, continuing the “to the fringes” theme. (Responsible for concept, design and photography.)

Lenten Calendar

ST. JOHN LENTEN CALENDAR — A new item offered to parishioners this year, developed in collaboration with our Director of Stewardship. (Responsible for design, graphics and some content.)


Photos & Cover Images

NOTE — A large part of my photography responsibilities include events in and around the parish and school. Here I am able to photograph the people of St. John and showcase the vibrant community of our parish. To see galleries of images from such events, please visit:     and

LENT “SHADOW” SERIES — featuring images produced primarily with shadows, used in bulletin and social media throughout Lent.

LENT “STATIONS” SERIES — featuring a close-up look the Stations of the Cross on display in St. John, used online and in bulletin throughout Lent.

LENT “SHADOW” SERIES — A unique use of shadow meant to emphasize a variety of Lenten reading resources. Click on the image for a description of how it was made.

ADVENT “CANDLE LIGHTING” SERIES — featuring images of advent candles placed in various locations within the church to highlight its beauty.

CHRISTMAS CROSS DESIGN — bulletin cover and social media profile image for the Christmas season.

MARIAN MONSTRANCE — bulletin cover and social media profile image designed to encourage daily Eucharistic Adoration in our chapel.