October 16, 2016

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A network of 23 Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith groups doing justice in Lawrence and Douglas County.

We have by now completed, in our parish, the ‘listening’ part of Justice Matters’ conversation intended to raise new issues or other areas of the issues we are currently working on. Thanks to all who entered into the conversation by attending one of St. John’s 7 house meetings. Your participation is very important.

At this writing two house meetings have been held with 23 parishioners attending. Of that number 17 signed up to be Network Members and a good number of those have indicated an intention to be part of a research and study group. The training for those who will be involved in research and study will take place on the evening of November 14.

Network Members make a commitment to attend the 4 major meetings, bring at least 3 informed and supportive people with them to the Nehemiah Action Assembly, and invest financially in the work of Justice Matters. The major meetings are:

  1. Community Problems Assembly on November 2 at Abe and Jake’s Landing (acknowledgement of our 2nd anniversary, election of officers, and vote on new priority.) This will be followed at 7:45 to 8:15 with a County Commissioner Candidate forum which is open to the public. Doors open to the public at 7:30 pm.
  2. Solutions Briefing on March 14 at Free Methodist Church (reports from the research groups on the proposed solutions).
  3. Nehemiah Action Assembly on March 30 at Lied Center (solutions are requested of key decision makers after having pre-assembly dialogue with them about the solutions being proposed). Our parish goal is to bring 250 parishioners to the anticipated assembly of 2000 people
  4. Celebration and Investment Drive on May 1 at Meeting Hall on the County Fairgrounds (update on follow through since the Lied Center agreements, celebration of accomplishments and annual investment drive among members).

For more information about Justice Matters or on how to become involved without having attended a house meeting, please contact Joe Synder (785-550-6421 or joesnyder42@gmail.com) or Pat Lechtenberg (785-842-1992 or plek10berg@aol.com). Also, check out the Justice Matters’ new website www.justicemattersinkansas.org for information about the organization and updated information on the 4 issues we are currently working on: Mental Health Crisis Center, Affordable Housing, Early Childhood Trauma and Alternatives to Incarceration.

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