Bulletin Item Submission Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below to submit an item to the bulletin, If using the online form, it is recommended you type out your announcement on a separate file and then copy and paste it into the form (this will save you having to retype the entire thing if there are any problems processing your submission).

  1. Have a brief title (1 to 4 words) for your announcement.
  2. Word your announcement exactly as you would like it to appear in the bulletin.
  3. Provide a starting date (choose a Sunday) and enter the number of weeks you wish to run your announcement.
  4. To meet printing deadlines, bulletin items must be received by the Thursday 10 days prior to the Sunday date on which you wish the announcement to appear.
  5. Provide your name and email address so that we can assure your announcement was received (this will not appear in your announcement, unless you have included it in the “Announcement” section above).

Alternately, you may email your announcement to bulletin@saint-johns.net. Please follow steps 1-3 above in sending your item. You may also email this address or call (785 843-0109 if you have any questions.

Submit a Bulletin Item

Your Name

Your Email

Announcement Title (1-4 words)

Your Announcement

Start Date

Number of Weeks

Optional Items:

(Any additional comments to editor)

Additional files (images, PDFs, etc.):