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Dear Brothers and Sisters, as I write this column on today’s Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of St. Francis (May 24th), I am reminded that I had mentioned in a previous “Bread to Offer” about the improvement of our chapel space here at St. Conrad Friary.

The renovation of a second floor large room for a new chapel is complete, but not yet furnished. The new space is fresh and beautiful and the friars are looking forward to use the new space for our fraternity prayer and Mass. Would any of you be willing to help us with the costs of the renovation and the furnishings? This would be an opportunity to express gratitude to your former Capuchin pastors Fr. Mike, Fr. Charles, Fr. John, and again, Fr. Mike for their tireless love and dedication toward all of you. It also is an opportunity for you to “pastor” us in providing for our spiritual needs. If you feel moved in your heart to help us out, see the box inside of this bulletin for a breakdown of costs and how you might want to help us dedicate a new and more dignified place of worship in our friary. You can include a note as to which item you would like your donation to go – Thank You!

One of the means through which we continue to build our parish temple of living stones (1 Peter 2:5) is our parish Pastoral Council. You may recall that last year at this time we held elections for three new members for the council. It is already that time again! On Sunday, June 19th, we will conduct elections for three new members. To that end, beginning this Sunday, May 29th through Saturday, June 4th, we will accept nominations for the Pastoral Council. Please email or phone in your nominations to me directly or through the front desk of the Simon Parish Center. I will then list them on the ballots to be used on “election Sunday.” Those members completing a three-year term and who thus will be rotating off of the council are Nancy Jones, Richard Ramos, and Tony Kempf. The three of them have contributed much insight and wisdom in the council’s deliberations and they will be missed – Thank You!

This weekend we welcome your former pastor Fr. John Schmeidler to help with the celebration of Mass. Fr. Barnabas and Fr. Mike are both away on vacation these couple of weeks. Also, Fr. Pat Riley, pastor of our neighboring Holy Family parish in Eudora, has fallen ill and is in the hospital. I have been called upon to help with weddings, funerals, anointings of the sick, and Masses at their parish. I helped there last weekend, and I am “on call” for this weekend. We are blessed to have the generous help of Fr. John who was able to come because Fr. Earl and Fr. Gilmary were able to cover for him in Victoria this weekend – Thank You!

— Fr. Jeff

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